It is a gift to be one with all the worldd

24 Jun

It is a gif.  To be one with all the world

does not come as an act of the  will.

Even deeply yearning may be in vain,

but remaining  inwardly open and still

a sense of belonging may descend like softest rain—

That is the gift to be one. With all the world—

a bewildering array of shapes and sizes,

inert masses and strangest creatures hurled 

at us, and folk who come in many guises,

it is a gift to be one with all the world—

a gift as elusive as sublime—absurd

yet written in the stars, our lives unfurled

on this planet in galaxies enswirled.

It is a gift to be one with all the world

Phil Hefner.  6/23/2022

One Response to “It is a gift to be one with all the worldd”

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