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Making All Things New—

2 Feb

“See, I am making all things new” Revelation 21


But I feel so old—

something new would 

wreak havoc in so many

bones and joints

redo sinews and nerves

rearrange my body chemistry

Is this really what you have in mind?

Something new means turning back the years

back to the time when all my parts

were so at peace that I was unaware of them

I simply called them into action

and they responded to the signal

Or do you have something else in mind?


Is newness really a different body

perhaps no body?

in a different world

Will brains work differently 

in this new world?

in my present world 

brain is the engine 

that drives my being—

who I am

Will there even be brains?

Or is this not your point?


Is newness 

something I wait for

sitting passively 

expecting it to fall upon me

Or must I prepare for it?

must I perform some work

before I am made new?

Must I open myself?

Is it within my grasp 

to be made new?

Is newness some kind 

of self-help?

Dare I hope

this is not what you have in mind?


Does it mean that what seems 

unheard of now

beyond our ken

inconceivable to our present minds

will be possible?

Say goodbye to status quo

and status quo ante alike?

Put poor ones on the pedestal

with princes, let the barren bear fruit?

It is my prayer

this is what you mean


In making all things new

an invitation is issued

to enter into the unbelievable

to enter into that which does not exist

to enter with into the shadow

the cloud of unknowing

Because believing is found in unbelieving

being in non-being 

light in darkness

knowing in unknowing

If this is your meaning 

prepare me for the journey

(c) Phil Hefner   1/30/2021