Eyes: Hubble & Corona

2 May

Eyes: Hubble & Corona

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched April 24, 1990


Orbiting above the earth 

where time and space 

are one

Hubble sees backwards

almost to the beginning 

of everything

How did it reach

that perch

how did it acquire 

sight did some

god with power 

hurl it into space

No, it is what it is

through the lurch

of human genius

mortals set it in its place

gave it eyes

programmed its gaze

And who is this mortal

genius but a cosmic speck 

upon a cosmic crumb 

that swings in course

round a star that is itself

a marginal body in the sky

What does it mean 

that a corpuscle 

floating in a sea of galaxies

explores that world

and formulates its


and takes the measure of

its underlying laws


Yet this mortal speck

harbors in itself

a cosmos rivaling the

world that Hubble sees

Our skin holds fast

the world of nano

billions of creatures 

who go about

their destined round

as surely as the galaxies

obey their orbits through 

light years of emptiness

no intruders they’ve been 

companions from days 

of primal soup their eyes

as fixed as Hubble’s

on the cells 

they’ll penetrate

The crown they wear

is not a friendly sign

they would depose us

their hosts 

a microscopic

invader bids fair

to leave our world

a ruin

(c) Phil Hefner 5/2/20

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